Our Equipment Teams

  • Click Here to Learn More about the Characterization Team

The MILL is staffed by 3 separate equipment teams. These teams are the Characterization and Measurement Team, both based in Love 176, and the Processing Team, based in Love 150. All teams are composed of Undergraduate MILL Staff Engineers and have a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) as their Team Leader.

To check out all of the characterization equipment our space has check out the characterization team page. To see all of the measurement equipment available in the MILL check out the measurement team page. If you are interested in making or fabricating anything in the MILL, check out the processing team’s page.

Any student is free to join our Equipment teams. The minimum requirement for being a student volunteer is 3 hours a week of staffing time in the MILL. If you are interested in a particular team email the one of the CTOs, their information can be found on either the Characterization Team page, the Measurement Team page, or the Processing Team page. From there, we can organize to get your hours arranged and get you trained in the MILL’s safety and operating procedures.