3D Metals

The 3D Metals L&D team is led by Eli Winterscheidt.


The 3D Metals L&D team is a continuation of the retired High Entropy Alloys L&D team. The team focuses on developing new methods for additively manufacturing different alloy systems, with a current focus on metal oxide precursor direct ink writing and a future goal of metal oxide loaded fused filament fabrication. Printed parts can be reduced and sintered into solid metal parts with complex geometries. Currently, the team is focusing on printing stainless steel 316L, but plans to expand into the realm of refractory metals as well as new alloy design.

The research done by the 3D Metals L&D team is widely applicable. Not only is the process used safer and more sustainable than conventional metal additive manufacturing techniques, but it also provides agility for environments that do not have the facilities required for other manufacturing methods. These “austere” environments include developing countries, field-based research, and space exploration missions.