Textiles Team

The Textiles Team is lead by Helen Liu (hliu656@gatech.edu).

The Textiles Team is a new addition to the MILL, founded in 2019. Our goal is to study textile design and application through student led projects and research. We aim to be a hub for all students on campus who are interested in textiles or need help with solving textile-based problems. Our equipment includes sewing & embroidery machines, spinning wheels, weaving looms, a screen printer, and more to come.


Textiles are flexible materials made from interlocking yarns of thread. They make up the clothes we wear, furniture, face masks, water filters, and many other broad applications. In fact, the idea for binary code came from textile power looms, which used a system of holes in cards to create patterns in fabric! While textiles will always be important in our lives no longer has a textile engineering major. We aim to fill that gap by creating a space for students to learn all about textiles through open use equipment, events, and team projects.