Fall 2021

  • Exec – Jamie Petrie (CEO), Hajime Minoguchi (COO), Nic Kalok (CFO), Ralph Kindler (CCO), Anush Singhal (CTO-C), Seneca Stevens (CTO-M), Eli Winterscheidt (CTO-P)
  • Founding – 2 new L&D teams founded: MaterialBusters & the Sustainability Committee
  • COVID-19 Response

Summer 2021

  • MILL Fellows – Juliette Carpet, Alp Kulaksizoglu, Alex Marin, Ryan Zhou
  • Acquisition – Second SEM (Phenom XL G2), TGA, Moisture Analyzer
  • Overhaul – MILL Website and Wiki reconstructed with new SOPs and educational material
  • Renovation – Reorganized lab spaces & improved operations
  • COVID-19 Response

Spring 2021

  • Exec – Jamie Petrie (CEO), Hajime Minoguchi (COO), Josh Baginski (CFO), Ralph Kindler (CCO), Devon Phelps (CTO-C), Prerana Panchumarti (CTO-M), Eli Winterscheidt (CTO-P)
  • Expansion – Operations Team created to expand operational capabilities
  • COVID-19 Response

Fall 2020

  • Exec – Jamie Petrie (CEO), Bethe Newgent (COO), Josh Baginski (CFO), Ralph Kindler (CCO), Devon Phelps (CTO-C), Prerana Panchumarti (CTO-M), Annie Mullins (CTO-P)
  • Launch – MILL Wiki
  • COVID-19 Response

Spring 2020

  • Exec – David Yeh (CEO), Jamie Petrie (COO), Lenno Liu (CFO), Sharon White (CCO), Bethe Newgent (CTO-C), Prerana Panchumarti (CTO-M), Annie Mullins (CTO-P)
  • COVID-19 Response

Fall 2019

  • Exec – David Yeh (CEO), Bonnie Vannatter (COO), Lenno Liu (CFO), Sharon White (CCO), Miriam Koga (CTO-C), Justin Chu (CTO-M), Anika Hong (CTO-P)
  • Acquisition – Screen Printer
  • Communications – New Instagram and LinkedIn social media accounts

Summer 2019 

  • 3 MILL Summer Fellows staffing the MILL 40 hours/week:
      • Colten Spivey (Characterization), Carter Grabbe (Measurement), Jin Lee (Processing)
  • Acquisition – Sewing machine, embroidery machine, vinyl cutter, and small furnace
  • Renovation – Condensing equipment into Love 170/176

Spring 2019

  • Exec – Tom Miller (CEO), Bonnie Vannatter (COO), Lovelyn Wirian (CFO), Sharon White (CCO), David Yeh (CTO-C), Justin Chu (CTO-M), Anika Hong (CTO-P)
  • Expansion – Love 175 for use as a meeting room and Love 157 as additional space for our equipment teams
  • Acquisition – Differential scanning calorimeter

Fall 2018

  • Exec – Tom Miller (CEO), Bonnie Vannatter (COO), Lovelyn Wirian (CFO), Mallory Parker (CCO), Sam Williams (CTO-C), Casey Miles (CTO-M), Max Walde (CTO-P)
  • Beginning – Materials outreach events with the MILL’s first glass workshop for the GT public
  • Launch – MILL reservation system to address increased demand for equipment
  • Acquisition – The profilometer, XRD, vacuum former, and granulator
  • Communications – New website and Facebook social media account

Summer 2018

  • 4 MILL Summer Fellows staffing the MILL 40 hours/week
  • Expansion – Into the Undergraduate Lab
  • Documentation – Training documents/videos/certification exams
  • Expansion – Improvement of safety procedures and documentation in the MILL
  • Beginning – High Entropy Alloy team and establishing the framework for additional MILL sponsored project

Spring 2018

  • Exec – Ben Ibach (President), Tom Miller (VP-Director of Development), Sam Williams (CTO-C), Casey Miles (CTO-M), Max Walde (CTO-P)
  • Expansion – Exec council includes a Chief Operating Officer, and setting sights to add more exec members in the Fall
  • Preparation –  Projects for the MILL fellows to complete over Summer 2018
  • Completion – MILL’s first L&D Poster Competition with 3 student teams

Fall 2017

  • Exec – Ben Ibach (President), Josh Morton (Outreach), Sam Williams (CTO-C), Ian Watt (CTO-M), Max Walde (CTO-P)
  • Initiation – Learning & Discovery (L&D) Teams: Student-driven research teams: Consumer Products, Science of Art, & Cold Sintering
  • Expansion – staff grows to 40+ students; first semester of full staffing

Summer 2017

  • Acquisition – FTIR, UV/Vis, Mechanical Tester, XRD, XRF, electrical measurement, furnaces, polymer extruder
  • Acquisition – Win Tech Fee for “High End” 30 N to 30 kN Universal Testing System

Spring 2017

  • Exec – Ben Ibach (President), Emmanuel Fregene (Outreach), Sam Williams (Microscopy), Ian Watt (Auxiliary), Josh Morton (3D Printing)
  • Initiation – A practical opening of space to users
  • Expansion – The MILL’s staff grows to 20+ members (4 hrs/day; 4 days/wk)

Fall 2016

  • Exec – Ben Ibach (President), Emmanuel Fregene (Outreach), Alex Munoz (Microscopy), Ian Watt (Auxiliary), Josh Morton (3D Printing)
  • Renovation – Major “remodeling” of space to make it “a student-owned space”
  • Acquisition –  SEM and 5 multi-material 3D printers

Summer 2016

  • Acquisition – Win Tech Fee Funds for Benchtop SEM

Spring 2016

  • Renovation – Students clear out Gall’s lab and begin plans for the facility
  • Initiation – Lots of excitement – little funding (< 10 students)

Fall 2015

  • Initiation – The idea for an open-access space for MSE students is conceived
  • Acquisition – Ken Gall’s former lab as a physical location