Facility Usage Requests

The MILL is moving towards an application system in which parties interested in using the MILL outside of the normal scope of the makerspace must submit a request to our COO. For long-term collaboration with the MILL space, consider starting an L&D team—contact our COO with your ideas!

The COO will review your request and can choose to approve, completely reject, or reject specific line items in the request. If specific line items are rejected, you will be emailed to ask for revisions and clarification.

The MILL Usage Request form can be found here! Please send an email to our COO after you submit your request to notify them!

These request need to be submitted if a group or individual is planning on:

    • Storing supplies in the MILL 
      • The group should outline where these supplies need to be stored
      • This includes supplies for experiments, storage of samples, and a plan to remove all of these items
      • A timeline should be provided detailing how long this project will be using the MILL
      • If also storing chemicals, you must additionally fill out our chemical storage request form.
    • Taking equipment out of the MILL for an event
      • Timeline needs to be provided for training on the equipment, taking the equipment out, and putting the equipment back
    • Using the MILL’s space for an event
    • Using the MILL’s space/equipment for a course project

After hours access cannot be provided to anyone unless they are on MILL staff!

MILL usage requests must include the following:

    • Names of the individual(s) and/or group involved
    • Point of contact with email and phone number provided
    • Date and time involved if an event OR time span if an ongoing project
    • Purpose of using the MILL’s space as one of the clauses outlines above
    • Any potential safety or health risks associated with the activity that may affect staffers, users, or attendees at the event or during the duration of the project
    • Justification for why the individual, group, or organization must use the MILL specifically for this project

If you do not clean up your allotted space by the designated deadline, do not return equipment promptly, and/or do not return equipment in an operable state, your privileges to use the MILL will be revoked.