Equipment Status List and SOPs

Access our equipment reservation form here. Users signed up on the reservation form will receive priority access to equipment over walk-in users.

Note: Reserving equipment is not the same as scheduling a training. Please talk to the MILL staff to schedule a training for a piece of equipment.

To view equipment specs and theory, please see the MILL Wiki’s Equipment page and the SOPs listed below. For our distributable software, visit our software page.

If you want to use a piece of equipment that is not available at The MILL, please see the list of MSE department-run labs or contact Dr. Masood Ebrahimi.

A map of our facilities is available here.

✓ – fully operational (can use if trained/available for training)

✓ – supervised use only (procedure in development)

✗ – under maintenance (not available)

*requires Georgia Tech’s X-ray Safety Training


  • [SOP] Phenom XL G2 SEM
  • [SOP] Phenom ProX G5 SEM ✓* (EDS )
  • [SOP] Cressington 108 Sputter Coater 
  • [SOP] Leica DVM6 Digital Microscope
  • [SOP] Filmetric Profilm3D Optical Profilometer  
  • [SOP] Nicolet iS5 FTIR  
  • [SOP] ARL Equinox 100 XRD ✓* 
  • [SOP] Niton FXL XRF   ✓*



  • [SOP] Mark-10 ESM303 Mechanical Tester  
  • [SOP] Instron 5967 Mechanical Tester  
  • [SOP] LECO LM248AT Microhardness Tester  
  • [SOP] Linseis Chip-DSC 10 
  • [SOP] PerkinElmer TGA 4000 
  • [SOP] OHAUS MB120 Moisture Analyzer  
  • [SOP] FLIR ETS320 Infrared Camera  
  • [SOP] Avantes Ava-Spec 2048 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer  
  • [SOP] ramé-hart 210 Contact Angle Goniometer  
  • [SOP] VWR-164AC Analytical Balances  
  • [SOPBrookfield DV2T Viscometer 
  • [SOPMicromeritics Accu Pyc II 1345 Gas Pycnometer 
  • [SOP] Taber Rotary Platform Abrasion Tester – Model 1700


  • [SOP] Prusa i3 MK3S 3D Printers  
  • [SOP] Hyrel System 30M 3D Printers  
  • [SOP] Prusa SL1 & CW1  Resin Printer
  • [SOP] Prusa MINI+ 3D Printer
  • [SOP] Formlabs 3+ Resin Printer ✓ 
  • [SOP] Shini SG-16N Top Feed Granulator
  • [SOP3devo Composer 450  Filament Maker  
  • [SOP] Paragon Fusion CS14D Glass Kilns  
  • [SOP] Brother CM350 ScanNCut Vinyl Cutter  
  • [SOP] Cricut Maker 3 Vinyl Cutter 
  • [SOPBrother SQ9185 Sewing Machine  
  • [SOP] Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine  
  • [SOPBrother PS3734T Serger
  • [SOP] Screen Printer 
  • [SOP] F2C Pro Heat Press  
  • [SOP] Formech NewForm 1616 Vacuum Former 
  • [SOP] US Stoneware 784AVM Rolling Ball Mill  
  • [SOP] Across International PQ-N04 Planetary Ball Mill  
  • [SOP] Carver 3851 Uniaxial Press  
  • [SOP] REX-C100 Melting Furnace