Equipment Status List and SOPs

Access our equipment reservation form here. Users signed up on the reservation form will receive priority access to equipment over walk-in users.

To view equipment specs and theory, please see the MILL Wiki’s Equipment page and the SOPs listed below. For our distributable software, visit our software page.

If you want to use a piece of equipment that is not available at The MILL, please see the list of MSE department-run labs or contact Dr. Masood Ebrahimi.

A map of our facilities is available here.

✓ – fully operational (can use if trained/available for training)

✓ – supervised use only (procedure in development)

✗ – under maintenance (not available)

*requires Georgia Tech’s X-ray Safety Training


  • [SOP] Phenom XL G2 SEM ✓*
  • [SOP] Phenom ProX G5 SEM  ✓* (EDS  ✓*)
  • [SOP] Cressington 108 Sputter Coater 
  • [SOP] Leica DVM6 Digital Microscope
  • [SOP] Filmetric Profilm3D Optical Profilometer  
  • [SOP] Nicolet iS5 FTIR  
  • [SOP] ARL Equinox 100 XRD ✓* 
  • [SOP] Niton FXL XRF   ✓*



  • [SOP] Mark-10 ESM303 Mechanical Tester  
  • [SOP] Instron 5967 Mechanical Tester  
  • [SOP] LECO LM248AT Microhardness Tester  
  • [SOP] Linseis Chip-DSC 10 
  • [SOP] PerkinElmer TGA 4000 
  • [SOP] OHAUS MB120 Moisture Analyzer  
  • [SOP] FLIR ETS320 Infrared Camera  
  • [SOP] Avantes Ava-Spec 2048 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer  
  • [SOP] ramé-hart 210 Contact Angle Goniometer  
  • [SOP] VWR-164AC Analytical Balances  ✓ (2/2)
  • [SOPBrookfield DV2T Viscometer 
  • [SOPMicromeritics Accu Pyc II 1345 Gas Pycnometer 


  • [SOP] Prusa i3 MK3S 3D Printers  ✓ (6/7)
  • [SOP] Hyrel System 30M 3D Printers  ✓ (1/4)
  • [SOP] Prusa SL1 & CW1  Resin Printer
  • [SOP] Formlabs 3+ Resin Printer ✓ 
  • [SOP] Shini SG-16N Top Feed Granulator
  • [SOP3devo Composer 450  Filament Maker  
  • [SOP] Paragon Fusion CS14D Glass Kilns  ✓ (2/2)
  • [SOP] Brother CM350 ScanNCut Vinyl Cutter  
  • [SOP] Cricut Maker 3 Vinyl Cutter 
  • [SOPBrother SQ9185 Sewing Machine  
  • [SOP] Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine  
  • [SOPBrother PS3734T Serger
  • [SOP] Screen Printer 
  • [SOP] F2C Pro Heat Press  
  • [SOP] Formech NewForm 1616 Vacuum Former 
  • [SOP] US Stoneware 784AVM Rolling Ball Mill  
  • [SOP] Across International PQ-N04 Planetary Ball Mill  
  • [SOP] Carver 3851 Uniaxial Press  
  • [SOP] REX-C100 Melting Furnace