BioExplorers is a biomaterials-focused L&D team led by Nash Moore, Leena Khan, and Prat Akavarum.


Our overarching goal is to develop easily reproducible biomaterials with the use of low-cost materials for potential human-centered applications.

In this team, we strive to bring awareness to the topics of biomaterials and scientific testing; collaborate to develop biomaterials; and measure, characterize, and test the biomaterials in an accurate and effective manner. Through these steps, members of BioExplorers gain an interdisciplinary understanding of materials science through biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, and biological concepts and applications.

Some of our past works include:

  • The development of a meniscus implant (knee cartilage) out of silk fibroin and sodium alginate, which was able to hold up to the weight of a small truck
  • Working on the development of an artificial lung made out of cheap materials

During the Spring 2024 semester, we plan on working on:

  • Lignin and chitosan-based hydrogel
  • Bioprinting of sodium alginate grids for cyanobacteria

If you are interested in getting a jumpstart in research on biomaterials or biotechnology, BioExplorers is the team for you. Follow us on Instagram @gtbioexplorers to keep up with our latest enterprises!