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Hours: Mon – Thu, 9 am – 5 pm

The MILL closes for the summer on Thursday, August 5th @ 5pm.

Over the summer, all equipment is available for walk-in use. There is no longer an equipment reservation form—view our Equipment Status List for equipment availability.

For any questions regarding the MILL over the summer, please contact one of our MILL Fellows.


COVID-19 Response: Summer/Fall 2021 Update

Following the most recent CDC guidelines, the MILL is recommending all users to wear a face covering in our facilities. Non-vaccinated individuals are highly encouraged to register for a free vaccine appointment here.


Safety Requirements for all Users

All users are required to complete Georgia Tech’s Lab Safety 101 and Right to Know (RTK) training, both of which can be found here. Note that RTK certification expires every year, and Lab Safety expires every 3 years.

MILL users are also required to follow all PPE requirements for MILL facilities. These include:

    • Long cotton pants
    • Closed toe shoes
    • Safety goggles (available at the door)

Users are responsible for following any safety advisements made by MILL staffers and officers. Thanks for making the MILL a safe lab environment!


What is the MILL?

The Materials Innovation and Learning Laboratory (The MILL) was opened in 2016 as the first ever  undergraduate-run maker space primarily dedicated to Materials Science and Engineering. We strive to serve as a hub for experiential education in MSE by providing students with hands-on scientific training, raising student leaders and engineers, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and increasing accessibility to expensive equipment. We currenlty own over 30 pieces of equipment commonly found in both industry and in research labs, which can be used for free by all GT students and faculty. Learn more about us here.


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