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The Materials Innovation and Learning Laboratory (The MILL) is an open access undergraduate student-run make-and-measure space sponsored by the School of Materials Science & Engineering at Georgia Tech. We are based in the Love Manufacturing Building (Rm 176). The MILL provides a relaxed and safe discovery space to gain hands-on experience in techniques common to the materials science and engineering discipline, including the processing of materials, the characterization of their chemistry and structure, and the measurement of their properties. All Georgia Tech students, faculty, and staff have open access to learn about any of our equipment during our open hours under the supervision of one of our MILL Staff Engineers (MSE), managed through our Equipment Teams.


Serve as Georgia Tech’s Hub for Experiential Education in Materials Science and Engineering, providing students with hands-on scientific training in inquiry-based discovery science and engineering design for class projects, laboratory courses, independent or group research, entrepreneurial pursuits, and team-based capstone design.

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You must be a Georgia Tech student to participate. Please check back frequently as we update our calendar for March and April.

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