Science of Art (SOA)

The Science of Art L&D Team is lead by Grace Godwin (


The Science of Art team is an ongoing investigation into the connection between materials science and art. Heightened awareness of this connection has allowed for expansions in both disciplines, including the creation of artificial dyes in the Renaissance Era and the modern advances in CAD (computer-aided design) and AM (additive manufacturing) from the Joris Laarman Lab. We hope to expand the possibilities of what can be done in the MILL and to provide a space for students to be able to apply what they learn in class in an unconventional way.

SOA hosts events that teach undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff more about the art found in materials. Historically, events offered include glass fusing, stained glass, carbon imprints in glass, epoxy, whittling, alcohol ink greetings cards and coasters, soap making, and more. In addition, student members of SOA create their own or collaborative independent research projects in glass or epoxy fabrication. The example pieces pictured below show SOA’s developed procedures for glass cutting and mold making.

In addition to events, the Science of Art team also allows its members to pursue independent research projects in glass or epoxy. We currently have ongoing student projects on glass engraving, biological material imprints in glass, and more!

Previous Events (Fall 2021):

  • Glass Fusing I [09.27]
  • Carbon Imprints [10.07]
  • Alcohol Ink Coasters [10.15]
  • SEM Photoshop Colorization [10.29]
  • Glass Fusing II [11.02]
  • Stained Glass [collab w/ The Hive – 11.08, 11.11]

Fall 2019:

September Stained Glass Workshop (Pilot)

August Summer Glass Workshop

August Honors Program Workshop

Spring 2019:

Work from the Team:

April Glass Workshop

March Glass Workshop

February Glass/Epoxy Workshop (Pilot)

January Glass Workshop

Fall 2018:

November Glass Event

October Glass Event

Previous Work: Spring 2019

Previous Work: Spring 2018