Measurement Team

The Measurement Team is responsible for taking care of and training people on equipment that measures material properties. Mainly we have mechanical testing equipment with a few machines available for electrical, optical, and rheological properties. We have two mechanical testers, a hardness tester, a viscometer, a UV-vis spectroscope, and a few others. All measurement equipment is housed primarily in Love 176 with some equipment in Love 169.

The measurement Team is led by Justin Chu. Please contact to join.

The following equipment is used by the Measurement Team:

Mark-10 ESM 303 Mechanical Tester

Located in Love 176

The ESM 303 is a mechanical testing frame capable of testing materials under tensile, cyclic, compressive, and 3-point bending modes. This machine has several load cells: a 1500 Newton, a 500 Newton, a 25 Newton, and a 50 milliNewton load cell.

ESM 303 Manual

Instron 5967 Mechanical Tester

Located in Love 170

The Instron is a mechanical testing frame capable of testing materials under tensile, compressive, and 3-point-bending modes. This machine is equipped with a 30 Kilo-Newton load cell.

5960 System Support Manual

5960 Operator Guide

Micro-Hardness Tester

Located in Love 170

The LM 284 AT is a hardness tester that is designed to measure the hardness of materials on the microscopic level.  The machine can magnify a surface as much as 50X and measure the Knoop and Vickers hardness of a sample.

LM 284 AT User Manual


LM 248 AT Video Tutorial

Rheosense μViscometer

Located in Love 176

The MicroViscometer is able to quickly and easily measure the viscosity of small quantities of a fluid.  The viscometer is easy to use and is capable of running several tests very quickly.  It also features a temperature controlled box.

μViscometer User Manual

μViscometer MILL SOP

Avantes UV-vis Spectroscope

Located in Love 176

The UV-vis spectroscope is a machine that can measure many optical properties of a sample. These properties include transmittance, absorption, and reflectance of light. The spectroscope is able to analyze both solid and liquid specimens. The machine runs through the AvaSoft 8 software.

Avaspec User Maual

AvaSoft 8 User Manual



Located in Love 176

The MILL has a scale sensitive to +/- 0.0001 grams.  It is useful for determining density by Archimedes method and can be used to take measurements over time.  For example, it could be used to measure the rate at which a liquid evaporates.

Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Located in Love 176

The DSC (differential scanning calorimeter) is a thermal testing instrument used for measurements of material properties such as transformation temperatures, enthalpies of transformation, and heat capacities. It is capable of measuring temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius and can use both solid and liquid specimens.