Processing Team

The processing team is focused on 3D printing using Hyrel 3D printers. Our focus is on being able to print with novel materials within our space, including Polypropylene, Flexible Filaments, Extrudable materials, and high-temperature filaments (such as PEEK and Ultem). Our printers also may be outfitted to print with multiple materials at one time, this process is more complicated so please send us an email requesting this service before stopping by.

Alongside printing, we also have a filament extruder used to create our own custom filaments and blends for 3D printing. We are also experimenting with recycling unwanted prints and to create new printing filament. This is a newer capability of our space and further experiments are being done to fully realize the potential of our filament extruder.

Anika Hong leads this team and can be reached at

The equipment used by the Processing Team are:

Hyrel 3D Printers

Located in Love 150

Hyrel 3D printers can print a large range of materials.  The Repetrel control software allows for great flexibility in varying processing parameters.  Print in just one material, or experiment with combinations; the heads are modular and each printer can support up to four heads at once.

Hyrel 3D printer MILL SOP

Filament Extruder

Located in Love 150

Ever formulated your own 3D printing filament?  Now at the MILL, you can.  The EX2 filament extruder allows for variation in extrusion speed.  Can achieve tolerances of +/- 0.05 mm at a rate of 2 lbs an hour. Formulate and extrude your own filament, and print with it on the Hyrel 3D printers.

Filabot Filament Extruder MILL SOP

Vacuum Oven

Located in Love 150

The vacuum oven is primary used to keep hygroscopic filaments dry and to keep samples at an increased temperature for a long time. The temperature of the oven is rather low, and the ramp rate is slow, but once at the appropriate temperature and pressure, conditions can be maintained.

Hot Plates

Located in Love 150

Used to quickly heat samples or heat reaction vessels (more so in LOVE 369). There are a variety of hot plates at the MILL with extended temperature ranges that can be useful in a variety of applications.


Located in Love 169

Granulator used by the MILL to break down old 3D prints into smaller pieces so that the material can be recycled using the filament extuder in Love 150.

Uni-axial Press

Located in Love 369

Use the MILL’s uni-axial press to sinter a ceramic or cut a piece of material using a die.  The plates of the press can be heated to a user-specified temperature.


Rolling (Ball) Mill

Located in Love 369

Use the MILL’s rolling ball mill for comminution. This has a variety of applications in powder processing where smaller powder sizes may be preferable for solid state diffusion.