High Entropy Alloy Team

This L&D team has been retired.


The High Entropy Alloy team aims to explore the use of ink-based 3D printing to 3D print complex metal and ceramic parts which can be sintered and reduced to create solid metal parts. Specifically, they aim to create parts using 3-5 major constituents which give the final alloy unique properties, such as increasing ductility and strength approaching cryogenic temperatures. So far, they have successfully printed 1-4 parts systems, and successfully reduced and sintered 1-3-part systems. The High Entropy Alloy team has also shown that the metal parts they create are single phase and FCC.


The process used to 3D print alloys and the high entropy alloys themselves both have numerous uses. Ink based 3D printing can be used to create metal and ceramic parts in unique and complex geometries that would be difficult to produce using other methods. Research has been done into using this process for everything from biomedical implants to super-capacitors to making tools on other planets. High entropy alloys often have unique thermal, mechanical, or electrical properties. Each alloy can have a different application.

Previous Work – Spring 2018