Recycling Innovation Team

This L&D team has been retired.


Recycling is a process in which waste materials are transformed into new materials. To qualify as “recyclable,” the means to recycle a material must be readily available to at least 60% of US residents, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Recycling must therefore be considered in its societal context:

1. Consumers must be connected to recyclers.

2. Recyclers must be able to separate usable materials from each other and from contaminates in their waste streams.

3. Recyclers must then apply a process to convert those materials into new materials.

As a result, a complex approach must be taken to expand the amount and types of material recycled – merely developing a processing technique is insufficient.

Fall 2019

In the Fall 2019 semester, students will develop a process to reliably recycle 3D printed PLA parts into new PLA filament in the MILL.

1. The process must be available to MILL staff and users for consistent recycling.

2. The process must account for inconsistencies in the waste stream, such as different colors and infills of PLA.

3. The quality of the recycled filament should be maximized for use in 3D printing.